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'A Space to Roam' Exhibition

'Loss' - Cerys Knighton.jpg


Ink pointillism, 2020

‘A Space to Roam’ is an exhibition of artworks by Cerys Knighton. Primarily using a pointillism technique with pen and ink, the pieces have been rendered by delicately layering thousands of individual ink dots to build textures and images. The art explores the findings of Cerys’s PhD research into representations of manic-depressive illness, as well as drawing from her lived experience of bipolar disorder.


Specifically, this selection of art explores Cerys’s research into the categorisation and treatment of manic-depressive illness in Wales in the early-nineteenth century, at which time a lack of availability in institutional care meant that patients were either free to roam in the landscape, or unable to reach the outdoors because of confinement by relatives or neighbours.


In collaboration with University Hospital Llandough, and its unique contemporary gallery in a clinical setting, this exhibition is set in a medical space to reflect on spaces of care. Drawing from both Cerys’s research into the nineteenth century and her own modern experiences, the artworks interrogate the space between internal structures of the body and external structures of the natural landscape, exploring tensions between deterioration and restoration.

February 4th - March 1st, 2020

Plaza Gallery

Llandough Hospital

Penlan Road


CF64 2XX

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