Cerys Knighton is a 27-year-old Welsh artist and medical humanities PhD student, whose research has been funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council SWW-DTP.

Working with ink pointillism, pencil, and clay, she creates artwork exploring the findings from her research, as well as her own experiences of living with bipolar disorder since childhood. 

Cerys Knighton Artist

Filming with S4C Prynhawn Da, October 2020

'On the Edge of Restoration', Question Journal: Frontiers, 3 (2019)


Cerys’s first three solo exhibitions have taken place in Cardiff and her work has been featured in numerous group exhibitions nationwide. She won the Doctoral Academy’s People’s Choice Award during the 2018 Images of Research Exhibition for the conceptual work exploring her research, and in 2019 received the Art Award from the Livery Company of Wales. Her work has been featured by numerous media outlets including the BBC and S4C for effectively challenging the stereotyping of bipolar disorder.

Cerys Knighton filming with S4C Prynhawn Da, working on clay, driftwood, and dried flower sculptures.

Filming with S4C Prynhawn Da, October 2020

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Cerys’s PhD thesis examines representations of manic-depressive illness by concurrently analysing archival medical case notes and literary texts. Focusing on Wales and Scotland, her work examines developments in diagnostic categories, psychiatric treatment, and perceptions of patients. Cerys's work creates a space for reflection: looking at how medical categories and representations have evolved to reflect on our own perceptions of mental illness today.